What determines the quality of a hoodie?

Personalized Hoodies

In the past, someone wearing a hoodie was perceived as a robber or a wrongdoer. People used to think that something dodgy is hidden under that hoody. But time has changed. The hoodie is like a uniform for the sportsmen. It keeps them warm and protected. Now hoody is a fashion trend. It is very popular among the young generation. The skaters, snowboarders and anyone adopting the hip-hop culture loves wearing hoodies. Surprisingly, the designers have made every effort to make it trendy among the well-dressed older men as well. So, you will see people wearing a hoodie over t-shirts or even under tailored clothing.

Hoodies are actually sweatshirts having hoods. You can easily adjust these sweatshirts using drawstrings. You will find pullover-like hoodies and hoodies with zippers as well. In pullover hoodies, you will find single pouches in the front. In the zip-up hoodies, there are separate pockets. You can now get personalised hoodies as well. The college teams have same hoodies personalised with the team name or the person’s name. Different sports teams also order personalised hoodies for their players. In case of personalised hoodies, you can choose the type of material, colour, and style. Basically, you get to design your own hoodie.

Initially, the hoodie was formed for functionality. Comfort was the main reason the athletes loved wearing hoodies. Later, designers brought hoodies in the runway and now it has become a fashion item. You will find hoodies in various styles, colours, and materials.

Choosing hoodies

Hoodies made by different designers vary in material, style, size, and price. Hoodies are expensive. So, when you buy hoodie you should consider many factors. A good quality hoodie can last you several seasons. A hoodie is not a thing you buy very often. So, you should be careful when purchasing hoodie and take the time to buy a high quality hoodie. Here are some factors that determine the quality of a hoodie.


Both the outer and inner material of a hoodie is important. Cotton and fleece are the common outer material. The inner material can be cotton, fur or fleece. You can have hoodies made of these materials and the thickness, comfort and the price of the hoodie depend on the materials it is made of. As hoodie is a very functional garment, you should determine your purpose of wearing hoodie before choosing the type of hoodie you want to buy. For example, if you are buying to wear it during winter and if you know that the temperature can go really low then you should choose fur as the inner material. If you want to wear it in order to keep yourself warm then you should wear a hoodie with inner material made of fur.   if you want a lighter hoodie, you should go for cotton material. Lighter hoodies are appropriate for running. Cotton is considered to be a very high-quality material. So, if a hoodie is made up of 100% cotton then you can be sure that the quality of the hoodie is good.


You should take the hoodie in front of a bright light and look at the material. You should feel it and stretch it to see if there is any alteration. Good quality hoodies won’t be affected due to stretching. It will also feel very smooth.


You must look at the seams both inside and outside. The seams should hold the garments together. If you find that the stitches are uneven and not lying flat then you will know that the quality of the hoodie is not good.


You should also consider the quality and style of the drawstrings of your hoodie when you buy them. For example, there are drawstrings that look like shoestrings. There are drawstrings that match the design of the hoodie. The drawstrings for female hoodies look quite different than those of men. The price and overall quality of the hoodie may depend on the quality of the drawstring. Some hoodies don’t have drawstrings. These hoodies are non-adjustable. Before you buy a hoodie, you should check the drawstring too.


Good quality hoodies will be expensive. So, the price is also a factor that determines the quality of a hoodie. So, if you find that the price of a hoodie is very cheap, then no matter how good it looks you shouldn’t buy it. You should shop around and find out the average price of a good hoodie. That way you will have an idea of how much a good quality hoodie may cost. A cheap hoodie will probably use low-quality material and so it won’t last for long. You should avoid buying such hoodie.


You will find various brands of hoodies on the market. When you buy from famous brands, you can be sure that the quality of the hoodie will be good. So, try to buy it from a renowned brand like Adidas, Nike, Columbia, The North Face, etc. These brands never compromise on quality.

Apart from the quality of the hoodie, you should also consider the style before buying. You can get the hoodie in various styles including solid colour, plaid, striped, athletic, graphics, etc. You can also get feminine hoodies made for women. The athletic hoodies are made for the athletes and provide comfort. The graphics hoodies can have slogans or images that portray the personality of the wearer. Hoodies are very stylish and people of all walks of lives wear it for comfort and fashion. There are many options available in terms of materials, colours, and styles. So, people can buy any type of hoodies. Before buying hoodies you should read reviews and shop around to find the best quality hoody. The type of hoodie you buy must match your personal style. So, you must do some research before buying a hoodie.

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