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UK Trade Shows to Visit in 2023

Trade show

Whichever industry you work in, there are a wide range of exciting business opportunities available in the UK. Trade shows are a great way to discover new products and services, and make invaluable connections.

Visitors to these trade shows (whether business owners or consumers) can expect to discover exhibitors from across the globe, demonstrating products representing everything from technology to retail. The events also offer valuable knowledge in the form of seminars, workshops, and one-to-one meetings.

In this article, we have picked a selection of the best UK trade shows in 2023 including everything from hospitality to technology.

Exhibitions and trade shows

5 Trade Show Advertising Tips

Business trade shows or other exhibitions provide great opportunities to advertise your brand, businesses, your products and services. The trade shows also act as great way to interact and have a face to face engagement with potential and current customers. Attendants of trade shows have actual interest in the services and products displayed or advertised to them. They have no other reason to attend the trade show that to learn more about the products and services provided. Below are some trade show advertising tips you can use in order to get the best results.


One of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services in a trade ship is to ensure that you attract the attention of the attendees. You can do this by use of banners, banner stands, contests, giveaways, literature, prize drawings and other interactive elements like touch screens. It is advisable to select a certain theme for your trade show booth and make it as interesting, engaging and fun as possible. To get higher volume of booth traffic, you need makes use of informative literature, eye catching signage, marketing messages and engaging elements.


5 Stage Art Techniques to Apply when Presenting your Products or Services

When you are doing products or services presentation during an exhibition or trade show you must demonstrate great skills in stage art. Most people find it challenging to make the presentation to a large group, but it is not hard. It is good to note that failure to nail your points and present your products in the most effective way will just make you lose the trust and confidence of moist of the attendees. This will make them develop negative attitude towards your business, which can have negative effects to the business. To ensure that you succeed, here are a few stage art skills you must utilize as you do the presentation to the attendees.

Demonstrate some energy

You must know that there is no great presentation that can be delivered just like a conversation. When doing presentation during an exhibition or trade show, you are not doing a lecture. You are on stage and you have to act with energy to ensure that you draw the attention of the attendees without making them feel bored by what you are telling them. Move out of your comfort zone, project your voice and show fun in your presentations.