Different types of printing services

There are different kinds of printing services available including digital and traditional methods. Knowing the services that are available to you can help you make the right decisions for your next printing project.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printers make creating logos and graphics onto a variety of materials possible. Nearly any item can be silk-screened. One thing to keep in mind when considering this method is that the design will often be limited to a few colours.

3D Printing

Although this type of printing service is not mainly promotional based, it is worthy of looking into for businesses. It has a wide variety of applications and platforms it can be used, for example, 3D architectural models and creating prototypes for product design. This new and exciting type of 3D printing service is used so businesses and researchers can increase their knowledge and understanding of how things work.

Personalised Materials

Full-colour letterheads and matching envelopes feature names or logos on simple or exotic papers. Business cards are also considered promotional materials as each person card is unique. Features such as rounded corners or glossy coatings inspire people to keep them.

Big Print Runs

When digital document printing methods are unfeasible for larger jobs such as magazines, posters or leaflets, offset printers can handle your order. The offset process is ideal for large jobs because its machinery holds large quantities of standard or oversized paper. Hardcover datebooks are popular promotional gifts using this type of process. If you are looking for hardback book printing in the UK, there are many services that place finishing touches such as coloured endpapers and ribbon markers to make the books visually appealing. Look out for those who provide printed paper cases, precise binding, embossing and lamination for a perfect finish.

Lamination Services

Printers offer lamination services to increase the durability of projects that require wiping or frequent use. Consider lamination if you’re printing menus or identification cards. You can use lamination methods to turn ordinary prints into reusable discount cards or name badges for short or long-term use.

Binding Products

Binding services finish print jobs to designer specifications. Folding, hole punching or hole drilling, plastic spiral binding, wire binding and tape binding are a few popular binding processes. Custom pocket calendars, recipe books and leaflet printing jobs usually finish with binding. There are many printing and binding services available online. A much easier and faster way to receive coloured printed documents is finished with a professional look for your business.

Direct-to-Material Services

The direct-to-material method enables you to print a full range of colours onto fabric. Consider this simple process when you need to design a logo onto an apron or a slogan onto a tote bag. This service also handles photo printing on t-shirts exceptionally well.

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