5 Ways to Create An Eyecatching Expo Stand


In the dynamic world of trade shows and expos, where countless businesses compete for attention, standing out from the crowd has become an art form. A visually appealing stand can be the key to attracting potential customers and leaving a lasting impression. It is not just about aesthetics; it is about capturing attention, sparking curiosity, and ultimately driving sales. From eye-catching displays to strategic branding and innovative designs, a well-crafted space can set a company apart, making it an essential investment for any business looking to make a mark in the competitive landscape of trade shows.

Understand your target audience

When creating an eye-catching expo stand, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of your target audience. By thoroughly researching your audience’s preferences, interests, and needs, you can tailor your booth’s design and messaging to effectively attract and engage them. Start by identifying key demographics such as age, gender, profession, and industry. Then delve deeper into their psychographics – their values, attitudes, behaviours, and motivations. This information will provide valuable insights that will guide the overall aesthetic and messaging.

Once you have gathered a wealth of data about your target audience for the expo event, it’s time to use this information creatively in designing an eye-catching stand. Consider incorporating elements that align with their interests or reflect their lifestyle choices. For instance, if targeting a tech-savvy millennial audience interested in sustainability initiatives, integrating eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology into your display could make a strong impact.

Retail store

How Retail Design has Changed Post-Covid in the UK

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the UK retail sector, forcing businesses to adapt to changing consumer behaviours and government restrictions. One major consequence of the pandemic has been the shift towards online shopping, with many consumers opting for home delivery or click-and-collect services. This trend has continued post-Covid forcing many physical stores to close their doors.

Despite this surge in online sales, many retailers have struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. The closure of non-essential shops for extended periods has hit bricks-and-mortar retailers hard, with some unfortunately being forced into administration or bankruptcy. Even those that have managed to survive are facing new challenges such as increased costs associated Brexit and the cost of living crisis.

Trade show

UK Trade Shows to Visit in 2023

Whichever industry you work in, there are a wide range of exciting business opportunities available in the UK. Trade shows are a great way to discover new products and services, and make invaluable connections.

Visitors to these trade shows (whether business owners or consumers) can expect to discover exhibitors from across the globe, demonstrating products representing everything from technology to retail. The events also offer valuable knowledge in the form of seminars, workshops, and one-to-one meetings.

In this article, we have picked a selection of the best UK trade shows in 2023 including everything from hospitality to technology.

Personalized Hoodies

What determines the quality of a hoodie?

In the past, someone wearing a hoodie was perceived as a robber or a wrongdoer. People used to think that something dodgy is hidden under that hoody. But time has changed. The hoodie is like a uniform for the sportsmen. It keeps them warm and protected. Now hoody is a fashion trend. It is very popular among the young generation. The skaters, snowboarders and anyone adopting the hip-hop culture loves wearing hoodies. Surprisingly, the designers have made every effort to make it trendy among the well-dressed older men as well. So, you will see people wearing a hoodie over t-shirts or even under tailored clothing.

Hoodies are actually sweatshirts having hoods. You can easily adjust these sweatshirts using drawstrings. You will find pullover-like hoodies and hoodies with zippers as well. In pullover hoodies, you will find single pouches in the front. In the zip-up hoodies, there are separate pockets. You can now get personalised hoodies as well. The college teams have same hoodies personalised with the team name or the person’s name. Different sports teams also order personalised hoodies for their players. In case of personalised hoodies, you can choose the type of material, colour, and style. Basically, you get to design your own hoodie.

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing Methods Used By Pros

If you’re printing your own personal photos to display in your home, or even printing custom decorative pieces to display in your retail outlet, canvas is a cost effective and popular option. Canvas is a durable material that is less sensitive to light and other damage when compared to paper and other materials used for photo printing. Using a professional service to print photos to canvas allows you to obtain the highest quality prints which will remain sharp and clear for years as you display them in your home or office.

A professional canvas printer uses the Giclée printing method to print canvas. The Giclée method is the most reliable way of printing photos to canvas. A printer that uses the Giclée method relies upon the finest inks, which are true to colour, and applies these inks to the canvas with the latest ink jet technology. Professional canvas printing companies which use the Giclée method are accustomed to dealing with fine art prints, so that their trained technicians are careful to maintain proper colour balance when they produce prints on canvas. (more…)

How Retail Design Can Save Your Business

You should never underestimate the importance of good retail design if you have any kind of physical shop as part of your business. A good understanding of your customers can be translated into excellent design ideas, creating an atmosphere and look that encourages people to engage with your business in the ways you need them to. A smart strategy behind your store design can transform the prospects of your business and turn an idea into a popular and successful venture.

When you think of retail design you might just be thinking about the basic design of your shop, including the layout and the arrangement of the furnishings. However, to successfully revamp your store design it’s essential to consider all the complex factors that influence customer behaviour. Visual merchandising is important across a broad range of elements, and many of the things that influence your potential customers’ decisions are not even consciously noticed. Interior design branding companies can help you form a strategy taking all these complex elements into account, which is highly recommended since professionals can really help you get to grips with the finer details, but we’ve tried to simplify the thought process into a few manageable stages to help you make a start. (more…)

Shop interior

The Top Elements of Visual Merchandising

When designing and merchandising a retail space, every retailer faces challenges. The main challenge is how to display and arrange products such that they are easy to find and appealing to the eye? The answer lies in the details, so we’ve compiled this list of visual merchandising elements.


Colour is crucial to how customers perceive a space. It is the visual carrier of information, and it directly affects how customers feel as they navigate the area.

For example, a space with red walls and a red merchandise display cabinet might make the customer feel warm and comfortable. In contrast, a space with green walls and the same red cabinet might induce feelings of calmness and serenity. The customer’s perception of the area is directly linked to their emotional response.

Colour can create visual hierarchy, create distinguishability among various product categories, and create a sense of style and identity for the space.
The right colour can also help draw in customers, who will subconsciously associate the color with the products inside the store.


Different types of printing services

There are different kinds of printing services available including digital and traditional methods. Knowing the services that are available to you can help you make the right decisions for your next printing project.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printers make creating logos and graphics onto a variety of materials possible. Nearly any item can be silk-screened. One thing to keep in mind when considering this method is that the design will often be limited to a few colours.

3D Printing

Although this type of printing service is not mainly promotional based, it is worthy of looking into for businesses. It has a wide variety of applications and platforms it can be used, for example, 3D architectural models and creating prototypes for product design. This new and exciting type of 3D printing service is used so businesses and researchers can increase their knowledge and understanding of how things work.


Giclee Fine Art Printing

The French word “gicler” means to spray or squirt, which gives you an instant insight into the principle behind Giclée printing. This is an advanced digital printing technique, most commonly used to create fine art prints and high-resolution photographs due to its superior quality compared to alternative methods.

The process requires some top-of-the-range photo printing equipment. For example, commercial Giclée printing will often be done using something like an Epson 9880 or 9900 printer, along with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks which are designed to produce extremely accurate and realistic colours. These kinds of printers would typically be able to create prints measuring around 40 inches across, or even much larger in some cases.

The purpose of using this specialised equipment is to ensure that prints are as true to the original image as possible, something which is vital when reproducing fine art photographs, for example. When colours have to be captured perfectly and high levels of digital detail need to be preserved down to the last pixel, Giclée printing is usually the ideal choice. The print heads in these printers usually contain at least eight separate ink channels, allowing for a much greater depth of colour and range of tones compared to standard printing methods.


Screen Printing VS Digital Printing

When it comes to printing, you will find there are two types including digital and screen printing. To help you decide which printing method is best for you, we’ve gathered the following information and guide to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a traditional method of printing where it uses a stencil design while adding layers of ink on the surface. Each colour is applied using different screen stencils one at a time to achieve the final print.

Benefits of screen printing

  • Screen printing produces a vibrant colour on specific products and produces a thicker and higher quality print compared to digital printing. 
  • The final print is durable and can last longer compared to digital printing. 
  • Flexible and can be used on different types of printing material from textiles, banners, wood, glass and many other materials.
  • Suitable for bulk printing 

Benefits of Graphic Design on Business

What is graphic design? Graphic designs are designs that are used for marketing purposes. These include logos, business cards, brochures, banners, leaflets and much more. These are also used and extended on other platforms such as websites, social media and mobile apps. The primary purpose of graphic design is to help businesses communicate their brand to their customers through visual designs to convert them to sales. Below is a list of benefits of using graphic design for businesses.

First Impression

One of the main benefits of using strong graphic design for your business is that you’re more likely to give an excellent first impression to your customers. Designs can help make your business look presentable in the eyes of your customers. We all know that first impressions count!

Stand Out

Graphic design reflects your brand identity in a creative and unique way. When you have your own brand identity you’re more likely to stand out. In business, standing out is what will set you apart from the competition.


How to use fonts effectively for graphic design

Fonts are an essential element in Graphic design. Fonts come in different styles which are used for the text and contents of the design. It can have a significant impact on the overall look of the design when the fonts are used correctly. With that said, below are some of our tips on how to make effective use of the fonts during your designing process.

Font alignment and placement

When placing the font on the design, it’s essential that they are aligned with the rest of your text. It prevents the font from looking messy. Aligned fonts also look more visually appealing and look well presented.

Font is readable

There are thousands of fonts design you can choose from. When selecting a style, ensure that it’s readable; otherwise, viewers won’t be able to read what the message is all about. Choose a style that stands out and works well with your overall design.


Benefits of display printing

Digital marketing has recently become popular amongst businesses today. Even though digital marketing has taken over, there are still many people using a display banner to promote their company. A display banner is still useful for many reasons. One of the improvements in traditional marketing today is that you can now create your digital posters online. Once the posters are designed, you can easily get them printed off using an online printing service.


Printed banners or posters can be customised to your preference. You can now easily remove or edit any images or texts on your banner using software or an online editor. You don’t need to get your posters professionally designed as you can easily choose a ready made template for your advert.

Easy to remember

Display banner is easier to remember compared to an online advertisement. A customer is more likely to remember a banner from the location they’ve last seen it. This type of banner is ideal for companies that wish to direct customers to their shop.