Canvas Printing Methods Used By Pros

Canvas Printing

If you’re printing your own personal photos to display in your home, or even printing custom decorative pieces to display in your retail outlet, canvas is a cost effective and popular option. Canvas is a durable material that is less sensitive to light and other damage when compared to paper and other materials used for photo printing. Using a professional service to print photos to canvas allows you to obtain the highest quality prints which will remain sharp and clear for years as you display them in your home or office.

A professional canvas printer uses the Giclée printing method to print canvas. The Giclée method is the most reliable way of printing photos to canvas. A printer that uses the Giclée method relies upon the finest inks, which are true to colour, and applies these inks to the canvas with the latest ink jet technology. Professional canvas printing companies which use the Giclée method are accustomed to dealing with fine art prints, so that their trained technicians are careful to maintain proper colour balance when they produce prints on canvas.

Finally, professional canvas printing often includes a laminated finish, which further protects your prints on canvas by allowing for easy dusting and cleaning. It is even possible to wipe a laminated canvas print clean after it has become stained due to spills or splashes on its surface. If you choose to pay for a professional printer to create your canvas prints it is often worth investing a little extra to get them laminated.

Prints on canvas are an ideal way of preserving and displaying both your personal and family memories and your artwork. Insisting upon truly professional printing will ensure that your prints stay true to life as they add to the décor of your home or office for years to come. Printing photos to canvas is an art in itself, and professional printers take the same care in printing your photographs as you do when you take them.

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