Using Printed Promotional Materials To Your Advantage


It’s a common misconception that due to the growing importance of digital marketing and the success of many businesses using online channels exclusively, all other media must be irrelevant for advertisers. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact we would suggest that print advertising could give your business a massive advantage over the competition. If your competitors are putting all their eggs in one digital basket, perhaps it’s the perfect time to seize your opportunity?

Another mistake people often make when it comes to printed advertising is that we’re only referring to one particular channel. In fact, there are many options you could choose to explore. Here are just a few of the main tools you have at your disposal to boost your marketing efforts.

Business Cards

A simple option that requires little investment, but can potentially make a huge difference to sales and help you spread the word locally about your brand. A business card creates a first impression when you meet a potential contact, and provides a potentially long-lasting reminder of how and why they should contact you. Even a basic business card can be much better than nothing, but they’re also perfect for showing some creative flair.


A professionally printed guide or brochure that showcases everything you have to offer can be an amazing way to connect with new clients. Here you can go into detail about your products or services, control precisely how your brand is represented on paper, and do everything you can to encourage conversions. In many ways, a traditional brochure is easier to produce and more customisable than a website, since it doesn’t have to account for being displayed differently. You choose exactly how you lay it out, how it looks, and how you distribute it.

Print Advertising

Taking out ads in newspapers and magazines may seem old fashioned in some industries, but in many cases you can really make an impact and boost your business. This channel allows you to target a very specific audience, which is always a crucial tool. You can also benefit from the brand name of the publication you choose, so any trust and positive associations people have with that name will hopefully rub off on your brand too.

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