Screen Printing VS Digital Printing

When it comes to printing, you will find there are two types including digital and screen printing. To help you decide which printing method is best for you, we’ve gathered the following information and guide to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a traditional method of printing where it uses a stencil design while adding layers of ink on the surface. Each colour is applied using different screen stencils one at a time to achieve the final print.

Benefits of screen printing

  • Screen printing produces a vibrant colour on specific products and produces a thicker and higher quality print compared to digital printing. 
  • The final print is durable and can last longer compared to digital printing. 
  • Flexible and can be used on different types of printing material from textiles, banners, wood, glass and many other materials.
  • Suitable for bulk printing 

Disadvantages of screen printing

  • Limited on the colour range
  • Not fully customisable compared to digital printing
  • The final print can look raised on the product material

Digital printing

Digital printing is the modern version of printing it involves a new method of printing. The process includes using digital artwork or images on computers to be printed directly onto the product. It uses a LaserJet printer to produce the final print.

Benefits of digital printing

  • Easier to print using a wide variety of colours
  • Accurate and best suited for photographic prints
  • Lower cost
  • Faster printing
  • Prints are customisable
  • Best for a small batch of prints

Disadvantages of digital printing

  • The final print is not durable compared to screen printing
  • White colours cannot be reproduced within the print.
  • Suitable fabrics for prints are limited
  • Cost for bulk printing can be expensive 

Choosing between screen printing and digital printing

When choosing which printing method you require, you can ask for advice from a professional printing company that have years of experience in the printing industry. From assessing the advantages and disadvantages of both printing methods, we can see the choice will depend on your printing requirements. In some cases, a printing company may and can use a mix of traditional and digital printing to produce the result you’re looking for. 

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