Using Lighting To Create An Atmosphere In Retail

Lighting is an often-underrated aspect of the complete retail experience that retailers would do well to consider more often. It’s all part of the physical factors that influence the look and feel of a shop. These directly feed into the minds of your potential customers, whether you or they realise it or not. Even if you haven’t planned it, and the customer doesn’t know it’s happening, you’re sending a message that’s either encouraging them to make a purchase or putting them off. This is why it’s vital to be in control when it comes to lighting.


One option to consider may be an elaborate bespoke lighting design that really creates an impressive feature in your shop. This could be a large illuminated element of your branding, or even your brand name, or alternatively something more like contemporary art to attract attention.

This kind of highly customised design is available from companies such as Technical Signs, specialists in bespoke led lighting, fittings, and led signage in the UK. Many businesses can become much better known and recognised for these kind of statement pieces, so it may be a well worthwhile investment in your situation.

More subtle features might also play to your strengths. Everywhere from your window displays to your fitting rooms, the lighting you choose will almost certainly have an impact on the mood and emotional response of your customers. Much of this strategy comes down to figuring out what design choices will elicit particular responses in your visitors.

For example, Hollister is a brand that’s famous for its very particular choice of lighting. Their fashion outlets are kept in near darkness, complete with nightclub-volume music playing, an unpopular choice for many since it’s so out of the ordinary. For their target market of young adults, however, the logic is that people will feel more relaxed and more willing to part with their cash. Other brands have taken the opposite approach, such as Apple with their almost iconic store designs. Ultra-bright lighting is applied to bring out the best in their gadgets and encourage people to stretch their budgets.

Of course, the reason one approach works for one company while the opposite works for another is down to different markets, different customers, and many more factors. Only thorough research and experience can guide you to optimise your lighting and enhance your retail atmosphere, but it needs to be something you consider carefully if you want to keep building on your profits and making the most of your assets.

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