How to Design Great Museum Displays

Museum displays

Museum displays play a significant role in delighting, teaching and inspiring people. However, it is worth noting that it takes great efforts to ensure that the displays play such roles in the right way. This means that you have to ensure that you come up with great museum display styles. To ensure that you get the best results from the displays, you need to learn the components that make such great designs. It is not easy as you might think, but with time you can learn how to design great museum displays.

A museum is just like a business like others and it is important to ensure that you come up with wide range of ways to attract visitors. The biggest challenge is on what happens when they reach there. In most cases, visitors suffer from three main problems. The major problem is failing to get the information they are looking for, which makes them leave quickly because they get bored or they can stay a longer period, but fail to get what they are looking for. This means that they will never visit your museum in the future because there is nothing motivating them to do so. It is obvious that the attention and accessibility of the visitors are crucial. This means that your museum displays must provide great experience to your visitors. To assist you in the process, here are some of the components for a successful museum display design.

Motivate visitors

The displays must be motivating to visitors, meaning that they should target an audience by offering the exact information they would be looking for when they visit your museum.

Focused content

The information presented must be focused. So, it is good to ensure that you filter content so that your visitors are not overloaded by information that they might not even comprehend.


The story or the information presented in the displays must be engaging to your visitors. This will make them even stay longer and keep on coming back.


When designing the museum displays, it is good to ensure that they have smaller themes instead of presenting a large complex topic because it might not be easy for your visitors to understand such complex topics.


The information presented must be easy to take in because in most cases the visitors are often standing or have different education levels. Your museum display should accommodate all people with different levels of knowledge.


It is advisable to integrate circulation/traffic patterns, showcase sequence patterns and other pre-existing frameworks patterns or architectural elements.

Capture curiosity

In order to ensure that you engage your visitors more, it is good to make use of story telling techniques on your display. People will always be attracted more on the stories instead of other types of information.


Make sure that you provide your visitors with fun experience by ensuring that you tap into their emotion. This will make them stay longer and become frequent visitors.

Incorporate technology

In the modern times, you should engage technology in your museum displays. However, ensure that the technology is enhancing your visitors experiences instead of distracting them.

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