Current Display Structures Trends

In the recent days, most exhibitors have turned from the standard pop up curved wall display to the use of the pop up aluminium frame. For the past fifteen years the pop up frame that have fabric panels that are magnetically adhered to the front by use of metal channel bars has bee the most popular ones. A lot of exhibitors used the Velcro on the back of the graphics, then arranged organized them on the front of the curved wall pop up as required. These pop ups began to gain popularity than the old folding panel style display at the beginning of the ninetieth century. This change occurred because the pop ups have smaller and lighter cases that are easy to carry from one location to the other. They high level convenience of the new pop up design overtook the heavy, bulky flat panel displays that were popular in those days.

With the last one decade, the technology has opened the way to the new uses of the aluminium pop up frames that can be expanded in an easier manner. Its flexibility is enhanced by the fact that they can be expanded to larger size and the fact that they are light to carry. Its ease of use makes the style more popular among many people doing trade show exhibition. Nowadays, there are different ways that the frames are used for exhibition. Here are some of the ways.

The first change is now referred as the big fabric style pop up. The aluminium frame that is expandable is used just the way it was used in the past. However, it is used with a preprinted full face graphic that is pre attached to the aluminium frame. The old design pop-up required that the graphic face be cut into four to five sections and then applied magnetically as it was used by then. Nowadays, the graphic is attached to the frame and all you need to do is to pop up the frame and you are ready to go. This modern design of pop up can easily be configured as a curved or straight frame according to your specific exhibition needs.

The most current style of the pop up style is known as expression or multi faced pop up exhibit. The expandable aluminium is used the same way it was used in the past either in the standard ten foot format or distinct frame shapes together. Some of the frame shapes include the columnar or triangular shapes. The frame includes a pre attached, preprinted fabric, in distinct sizes and shapes attached to the many points within the frame. This results to several marketing options for presenting products to the attendees during an exhibition.

You have the opportunity to group wide range of products on different parts of the display or get a three dimensional effect by attaching the graphic point rearward and forward within the frame. In addition, different skins can be removed and be replaced fast and conveniently within a few seconds during the exhibition if necessary. This latest trend with the presentation of display structures allow for greater creativity and a lot of convenience than it happened in the past.

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