5 Trade Show Advertising Tips

Exhibitions and trade shows

Business trade shows or other exhibitions provide great opportunities to advertise your brand, businesses, your products and services. The trade shows also act as great way to interact and have a face to face engagement with potential and current customers. Attendants of trade shows have actual interest in the services and products displayed or advertised to them. They have no other reason to attend the trade show that to learn more about the products and services provided. Below are some trade show advertising tips you can use in order to get the best results.


One of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services in a trade ship is to ensure that you attract the attention of the attendees. You can do this by use of banners, banner stands, contests, giveaways, literature, prize drawings and other interactive elements like touch screens. It is advisable to select a certain theme for your trade show booth and make it as interesting, engaging and fun as possible. To get higher volume of booth traffic, you need makes use of informative literature, eye catching signage, marketing messages and engaging elements.


While it is vital for you to plan your trade show booth, it is also vital to carry out thorough research before the trade show takes place. Decide the trade show that is right for your business marketing and sales goals. Do a careful evaluation of the details of each trade show including average number of attendees, number of business available, demographics of the attendees and others. If it is possible, carry out interview with businesses that have taken part in trade shows in the past and ask for their opinions about the trade show. It is also worth noting that exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive. Therefore, you need to perform research of all the details and determine the trade show that will provide the highest return on the money you invest.

Set objectives

You need to set objectives that you want to attain through adverting during the trade show. Develop a number of objectives in order of priority. Let everyone involved in advertising your products understands these objectives and focus on ensuring that they are attained.


Make sure that people who will be attending the trade show are aware that you will be advertising your products. You can do this through direct mail piece to those who have confirmed they will attend, indicate it on your website, email campaigns, blog, social media sites and other avenues available. In case you are planning to hold a contest to attract more customers, be sure to advertise the same.


A contest is a perfect way to attract people to your booth during a trade show. You need to ask the attendees to visit your booth, so that they can complete a leads qualification survey and have them entered into the contest. You should select a prize related to your products, business, services or the ones with braid appeal to your potential and current business customers.

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