How to create a customised office sign that catches the eye

Choosing and creating your own custom office signs is vital when advertising your business to your customer. Your signage must represent everything about your business and your aims for when you are showcasing your products and services. So to create a signage that describes your business and at the same time attract your customers, you will need to follow the method and steps that are involved in advertising. Advertising is all about how to advertise yourself to your customers and what they need to know about you and why they should purchase your products and services. One of the most popular methods that are used in advertising is the hierarchy of effects model which tells you the six steps that consumers use before they buy from your business.


The first step to the effects model is making your targeted customer aware of your products through your retail signage. If your business doesn’t have a retail signage, then your customers won’t even know that your business exists! A method of gaining a real awareness is finding an area where most of your people will be able to see your signage. For instance, it’s ideal to place your signage in a location where customers can see your sign.


Now that you have caught your customer’s attention with your signage, the next step is to provide them with knowledge about your business. Some signage is intentionally created with icons and colours that match their organisation. Furthermore, adding promotional posters by your signage can also give them an understanding of what you have to offer.


The signage of your business must have an image or personality that is likeable and represents your company. If your retail signage is likeable, customers are more likely to trust your business, and you can attract new potential customers.


Plenty of customers compares the product and pricing of an item with different shops. Once you have followed the previous steps of this hierarchy, then you have more chance of gaining a good position in the market where customers prefer your products and services over the other competitors. To increase your chance further, you will need to highlight your unique selling point and add this to your retail signage so that customers can differentiate your brand in the market.       


This section is all about giving a good impression of your products and services to customers so that they would want to buy from you. A conviction can be achieved at this point once the previous steps have been applied.


The last step is to make your audience want to buy from you through advertising. When it comes to applying this step, you must ensure that everything is simple and accessible for customers. For example, it should be at a location or in a place that’s accessible to everyone and that there aren’t any other issues that can prevent your customer from purchasing.

The methods above can be a big help for creating and advertising your retail signage to fit your company and to target your audience in the right way so that you can have a competitive edge in the industry.

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