Getting Your Branding On Promotional Items

Branding promotional products

Promotional items created by a printing service are a powerful form of advertising because people often keep useful items longer than printed ads. This makes them an effective tool for building brand recognition and demonstrating customer appreciation. Common promotional items include bags, mugs, pens, notepads, mouse mats, customised USB drives and calendars.

Digital printing technology mostly covers the production of promotional products. Images, graphics and text can appear on almost any type of product. Any design you use needs to meet the printer’s standards because this process often transpires on a wide assortment of materials, or substrates. Name badges, for example, can be printed on plastic, paper and even onto metal. Printing companies could also convert your original design into embroidery stitches if you your items are bags, hats and even t-shirts. The wide-assortment of digital techniques and available materials expands the type of promotional materials you can share with customers, but this can complicate artwork preparation and become quite costly.

In some cases it can be more cost effective for you to print your promotional items in-house, provided your designs are simple and you have the right experience and equipment. However, it’s best to eliminate any potential errors by using a professional digital printing service rather than trying to use DIY methods to get your company branding onto products. The items should be high quality to begin with, and your printing must be just as good, since it can reflect badly on your business if the finish is unprofessional or the product doesn’t perform its function. The right printing specialist can capture your designs perfectly on any type of printable material. Quality digital printers will offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs, and many will supply the products themselves so you can deal with just one company for the whole process.

If you are ordering products online to be printed with your branding or design, remember to make sure your printer has registered your specific requirements before turning over your design. Gathering details before you start on what the printer requires will help you avoid poor results or costly revisions. Then you can ensure they receive all the right details from you and the result looks as you expected.

Make sure you use the same design, logo, fonts and colours on all of the items you create, as they are made to direct potential customers to your business, and it will avoid confusion. If you haven’t used your chosen printing service before, it is a good idea to request a template or a draft if you’re in doubt about how the design will look on the finished pieces. It’s better to make a mistake on a single item than to find you have hundreds or thousands of useless products due to a simple error.

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