3 Major Different Uses of Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands have gained a lot of popularity in the modern times among many business people. This popularity has been enhanced by their many uses in different business activities. Another important thing that has led to their popularity is the different types of the exhibition stands available. The increase in the number of designs is as a result of development of technology and knowledge in the industry. If you have exhibition stands you can use them for different purposes. Here are some of the major uses of the stands.


Presenting your products in your business

One of the common uses of exhibition stands is that they are used is presenting products in businesses. If you have a business selling a lot of products you can make use of the exhibition stands to showcase them outside your shop. All what you need to do is to ensure that every product that you sell is well displayed on the exhibition stand. This is necessary, so that all the customers who visit your business can understand the products they will get from your store. You can place the exhibition stand outside your store or just at the entry so that the customers can have a look before they can make an order. With such exhibition stands you present your business as a professional one. This also saves the Continue reading

Ideas on the use of Retail Backdrops

Regardless of the size of your retail outlet, it is always advisable to ensure that you present it in the right way to your customers. One thing that is very important to note is that the way your customers or potential customers view your business has great impact on its success. When there is an exhibition or a tradeshow, these are perfect moments to showcase your products and services to the attendees. Using retail backdrops is a great way that you can have a professional presentation of your retail business. To ensure that you get the best results here are a few retail backdrops ideas that can help you succeed.

As mentioned above, it does not matter the size of your retail business. Even if it is just a small shop or store, it is good to ensure that you have an excellent stage set up. Your business needs to have a logo branding that makes it unique compared to many others that you might be competing with in the market. You can stand out among your competitors by ensuring that you have well designed backdrops with great decorations.


The backdrops you use should be highly determined by the products or services you provide in your retail shop. Make sure that you have amazing decoration with different colors, but you should avoid overdoing it too much to avoid causing confusion among your potential business customers. It is good to pour out everything that you have and ensure that Continue reading

5 Trade Show Advertising Tips

Business trade shows or other exhibitions provide great opportunities to advertise your brand, businesses, your products and services. The trade shows also act as great way to interact and have a face to face engagement with potential and current customers. Attendants of trade shows have actual interest in the services and products displayed or advertised to them. They have no other reason to attend the trade show that to learn more about the products and services provided. Below are some trade show advertising tips you can use in order to get the best results.



One of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services in a trade ship is to ensure that you attract the attention of the attendees. You can do this by use of banners, banner stands, contests, giveaways, literature, prize drawings and other interactive elements like touch screens. It is advisable to select a certain theme for your trade show booth and make it as interesting, engaging and fun as possible. To get higher volume of booth traffic, you need makes use of informative literature, eye catching signage, marketing messages and engaging elements.


While it is vital for you to plan your trade show booth, it is also vital to carry out thorough research before the trade show takes place. Decide the trade show that is right for your business marketing and sales goals. Do a careful evaluation of the details of each trade show including average number of attendees, number of business available, demographics of the attendees and others. If it is possible, carry out interview with businesses that have taken part in trade shows in the past and ask for their opinions about the trade show. It is also worth noting that exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive. Therefore, you need to perform research of all the details and determine the trade show that will provide the highest return on the money you invest.

Set objectives

You need to set objectives that you want to attain through adverting during the trade show. Develop a number of objectives in order of priority. Let everyone involved in advertising your products understands these objectives and focus on ensuring that they are attained.


Make sure that people who will be attending the trade show are aware that you will be advertising your products. You can do this through direct mail piece to those who have confirmed they will attend, indicate it on your website, email campaigns, blog, social media sites and other avenues available. In case you are planning to hold a contest to attract more customers, be sure to advertise the same.


A contest is a perfect way to attract people to your booth during a trade show. You need to ask the attendees to visit your booth, so that they can complete a leads qualification survey and have them entered into the contest. You should select a prize related to your products, business, services or the ones with braid appeal to your potential and current business customers.

Current Display Structures Trends

In the recent days, most exhibitors have turned from the standard pop up curved wall display to the use of the pop up aluminum frame. For the past fifteen years the pop up frame that have fabric panels that are magnetically adhered to the front by use of metal channel bars has bee the most popular ones. A lot of exhibitors used the Velcro on the back of the graphics, then arranged organized them on the front of the curved wall pop up as required. These pop ups began to gain popularity than the old folding panel style display at the beginning of the ninetieth century. This change occurred because the pop ups have smaller and lighter cases that are easy to carry from one location to the other. They high level convenience of the new pop up design overtook the heavy, bulky flat panel displays that were popular in those days.


With the last one decade, the technology has opened the way to the new uses of the aluminum pop up frames that can be expanded in an easier manner. Its flexibility is enhanced by the fact that they can be expanded to larger size and the fact that they are light to carry. Its ease of use makes the style more popular among many people doing tradeshow exhibition. Nowadays, there are different ways that the frames are used for exhibition. Here are some of the ways.

The first change is now referred as the big fabric style pop up. The aluminum frame that is expandable is used just the way it was used in the past. However, it is used with a preprinted full face graphic that is pre attached to the aluminum frame. The old design pop-up required that the graphic face be cut into four to five sections and then applied magnetically as it was used by then. Nowadays, the graphic is attached to the frame and all you need to do is to pop up the frame and you are ready to go. This modern design of pop up can easily be configured as a curved or straight frame according to your specific exhibition needs.

The most current style of the pop up style is known as expression or multi faced pop up exhibit. The expandable aluminum is used the same way it was used in the past either in the standard ten foot format or distinct frame shapes together. Some of the frame shapes include the columnar or triangular shapes. The frame includes a pre attached, preprinted fabric, in distinct sizes and shapes attached to the many points within the frame. This results to several marketing options for presenting products to the attendees during an exhibition.

You have the opportunity to group wide range of products on different parts of the display or get a three dimensional effect by attaching the graphic point rearward and forward within the frame. In addition, different skins can be removed and be replaced fast and conveniently within a few seconds during the exhibition if necessary. This latest trend with the presentation of display structures allow for greater creativity and a lot of convenience than it happened in the past.

5 Stage Art Techniques to Apply when Presenting your Products or Services

When you are doing products or services presentation during an exhibition or tradeshow you must demonstrate great skills in stage art. Most people find it challenging to make the presentation to a large group, but it is not hard. It is good to note that failure to nail your points and present your products in the most effective way will just make you lose the trust and confidence of moist of the attendees. This will make them develop negative attitude towards your business, which can have negative effects to the business. To ensure that you succeed, here are a few stage art skills you must utilize as you do the presentation to the attendees.


Demonstrate some energy

You must know that there is no great presentation that can be delivered just like a conversation. When doing presentation during an exhibition or trade show, you are not doing a lecture. You are on stage and you have to act with energy to ensure that you draw the attention of the attendees without making them feel bored by what you are telling them. Move out of your comfort zone, project your voice and show fun in your presentations.

Narrate a story

People tend to get more interested in a presentation that involves stories. A great story has the beginning, middle and the end. Stories are key because they help in stirring emotions and humanize issues. They bring your products and services to life and allow you to have great connection with the attendees. This will also demonstrate your level of creativity which is key to making your audience develop trust and confidence with you.

Learn how to structure your presentation

It is worth noting that telling a story is one thing, but you have to ensure that your presentation is structured well. Ensure that your message is broken down into important components, which follow a thesis or theme. You need to have sub themes or supporting evidence to support all the claims you make about your products or services.

Understand your audience

You can succeed in making presentation of your products or services if you do not have a good understanding on your audience. Before you do the presentations in a trade show or exhibition learn in advance about the attendees. This will make it possible for you to tailor the stage presentation according to their specific characteristics. Some of the things that you should know is their age, level of education, what they want to hear and how they are likely to use the products or services presented. Understand what they care about and the ways that you can entertain them as you do the presentation.

Be unique

During a tradeshow or any exhibition, there might be a lot of other people doing the presentation of similar products and services. To gain the attention of many people, you must ensure that your presentation is unique. Do something that makes you to stand out by demonstrating high level creativity, but never do something that is not right or overwhelming.

How to Design Great Museum Displays

Museum displays play a significant role in delighting, teaching and inspiring people. However, it is worth noting that it takes great efforts to ensure that the displays play such roles in the right way. This means that you have to ensure that you come up with great museum display styles. To ensure that you get the best results from the displays, you need to learn the components that make such great designs. It is not easy as you might think, but with time you can learn how to design great museum displays.

A museum is just like a business like others and it is important to ensure that you come up with wide range of ways to attract visitors. The biggest challenge is on what happens when they reach there. In most cases, visitors suffer from three main problems. The major problem is failing to get the information they are looking for, which makes them leave quickly because they get bored or they can stay a longer period, but fail to get what they are looking for. This means that they will never visit your museum in the future because there is nothing motivating them to do so. It is obvious that the attention and accessibility of the visitors are crucial. This means that your museum displays must provide great experience to your visitors. To assist you in the process, here are some of the components for a successful museum display design.

Motivate visitors

The displays must be motivating to visitors, meaning that they should target an audience by offering the exact information they would be looking for when they visit your museum.

Focused content

The information presented must be focused. So, it is good to ensure that you filter content so that your visitors are not overloaded by information that they might not even comprehend.


The story or the information presented in the displays must be engaging to your visitors. This will make them even stay longer and keep on coming back.


When designing the museum displays, it is good to ensure that they have smaller themes instead of presenting a large complex topic because it might not be easy for your visitors to understand such complex topics.


The information presented must be easy to take in because in most cases the visitors are often standing or have different education levels. Your museum display should accommodate all people with different levels of knowledge.


It is advisable to integrate circulation/traffic patterns, showcase sequence patterns and other preexisting frameworks patterns or architectural elements.

Capture curiosity

In order to ensure that you engage your visitors more, it is good to make use of story telling techniques on your display. People will always be attracted more on the stories instead of other types of information.


Make sure that you provide your visitors with fun experience by ensuring that you tap into their emotion. This will make them stay longer and become frequent visitors.

Incorporate technology

In the modern times, you should engage technology in your museum displays. However, ensure that the technology is enhancing your visitors experiences instead of distracting them.